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(81 Likes) Why would men buy a realistic silicone sex doll?

In a common situation where women lose interest in sex because they don’t have it at all (1/4 or more women have little interest in sex, but want marriage and children – and there are very few women with stronger sex drives. Men over 50 years very high will have such an urge for more than a few years because of health problems). The man is left with a terrible emotional and physical void to fill regarding the strongest drive beyond hunger, and his problem with society is 100% and his partner is likely to be hostile to any solution he can take other than abstinence. The biggest advantage of dolls isn’t the interaction that the media likes to overdo to turn men into weirdos (treating a doll like a human for purposes other than sex, etc. as tools). The advantage is that the man gets a more satisfying sex life with the doll than abstinence or masturbation. Yes, yes, you can and should do marriage counseling and health management to get your sex life back, but any slowdown in sex is permanent in relationships 80-90% of the time, and it’s so common that it’s normal. As the medical industry has unhappily learned, female sex drive issues are often complex and unresolved. How is it more satisfying? Surprisingly, it can be a really good workout and inspire the man to work harder. While it’s clearly not as good as the real thing, it feels a lot better than you might expect. Afterwards, you get more satisfaction from actually doing something instead of sitting and waving your right hand, and it is easier on the genital skin as it is softer than a soft rubber or silicone hand. It’s an excellent alternative to a relationship that won’t help anyone in the long run anyway. Women don’t date men for physical sex, they’re always looking for something else and sex is a goal. The baby has no such agenda, except for the cost. Men see the loss of sexuality as death and cannot reveal it.

(33 Likes) Can you get AIDS and herpes from an inflatable doll?

Do you also use this baby with herpes or HIV and then use it while still wet with fluids? Then maybe, sure. Dolls are made of silicone and latex. They cannot become infected with the disease. A doll cannot transmit an illness to another baby unless an infected person leaves the baby with blood or fluids.

(23 Likes) What is the most embarrassing thing about you?

one thing? Hmm. OK, here it is. I fart a lot. In other words, I have a gas problem. About ten years ago, I started noticing that I was a little more gassy than I was. monster sex doll ore, but I thought it was my increased fiber intake, etc. Healthier vegetables, beans, etc. I was eating so that’s it, so I thought. Fortunately, I wasn’t around as much as I used to be, but most of the time I could hold it in until I went to the bathroom or stepped into the hallway or something like a Sex Doll Torso g. I remember my dad always being pretty gassy even when he was younger. My mom claimed she never (or rarely) farts, but this is it. (Don’t tell him I said that, but he actually farts occasionally, not as badly as my father.) I think the quality and quantity of gas is partially hereditary. As I got older, it got worse, more frequent, noisier, more fragrant, sometimes. Come on, mine doesn’t smell that bad, does it? Only others are worse. Apparently, increased gas is common as people age. Old Farts – Literally Why Seniors Pass Gas and What Can You Personally Do About It?

(72 Likes) With a good body and adequate IA about the home, would you live with a sex doll?

You may get a headache and your Sex Doll partner no, again a baby doesn’t have that feeling, you can wake up feeling awake in the morning and tap to touch your partner. monster sex doll x, a doll won’t do that, you may decide to sit down at a local cafe and have breakfast with a real partner, enjoy trying to get the doll to order that breakfast, a doll is a part-time substitute for something that could be real Has no emotions, no physical or mental contact, Can you sit and watch TV and share pizza?

(49 Likes) What will happen to sexually transmitted diseases if synthetic sex dolls are used by more than one user in brothels?

Desire, I can freely roam in bed with my baby, it feels really great. Currently, I already have three dolls in my “funhouse”, including 1 silicone doll and 2 TPE dolls. To tell you about my real experience, the feeling of having sex with a sex doll is really cool. Sex with a doll is relatively free, so you don’t have to worry about the spread of STDs. m if you want to know

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